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Do I have to go into the office to apply? You can apply for and receive CalFresh benefits without ever going into the CalFresh office. You can apply onlinecomplete your interview over the phone, and have your EBT card mailed to you. There are organizations in some counties that help people with their applications. See what is available in your county. Does it cost money to apply for CalFresh? Applying for CalFresh is free and does not require a credit check.

Will I have to get fingerprinted? If you are only applying for CalFresh you will not be fingerprinted. If you are applying for another program you may be fingerprinted. In most cases, the county has 30 days after you turn in your application to determine if you will get CalFresh. During the 30 days, the county will interview you. The interview will be either over the phone or in person. What if I own my home? You can own the home you live in and still qualify for CalFresh. What if I am homeless?

You can qualify for CalFresh even if you do not have a home, address, or place to cook. People without homes can often get benefits within three days. Can I qualify if I do not have a family? Individuals can qualify for CalFresh. You do not have to have children to qualify. Can I get CalFresh if I am in the military?

If you meet the eligibility requirements you can qualify for CalFresh if you are in the military. Even if you do not qualify, others in your household may.We understand you may have many questions about applying for and using CalFresh. Please see the following frequently asked questions for clarification. If you need additional information, please contact Stephanie Nishio at or at stephanie cafoodbanks.

The Application Process: What does the application process look like? Does it cost money to apply for CalFresh? Will I have to go into the CalFresh office? How long will it take to know if I've been approved? Will I have to get fingerprinted? How much will I get each month? How do I use my CalFresh benefits? Will I have to pay back the benefits? Eligibility: What if I own a car?

What if I have a job? What if I own my home? What if I am homeless? Can I qualify if I do not have a family? Can I get CalFresh if I am in the military? Other: I just moved to another city in California. Who should I tell so that I keep getting CalFresh?

I lost my EBT card. How do I get another one? I own a store. How can I apply to accept CalFresh at my store? What does the application process look like? To learn where you can apply in-person in your county or to find places that can help you fill out an applicationplease use our Find Food Assistance tool.

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You can apply for and receive CalFresh benefits without ever going into the CalFresh office. In most cases, the county has 30 days after you turn in your application to determine if you will get CalFresh food stamps.

During the 30 days, the county will interview you. The interview will be either over the phone or in person. During the interview, the county will go over your application with you. The county may ask you for proof of income and certain costs for example, child care or rent receipts.

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You will have 10 days to turn in these items. Here are some examples of items the county may ask you for:. Even if you do not have everything on the list, you should still apply. The county may be able to help you get the information.The majority of those people are adults 60 and older. National estimates suggest up to half of all older Americans are vulnerable to malnutrition.

Many face a literally gut-wrenching choice every month, of buying food or paying other bills, such as rent, healthcare and utilities. Supplemental Security Income is a monthly cash grant to qualified low-income individuals. While it is administered by the Social Security Administration, it is separate from the income of Social Security that is based on wages earned prior to retirement. But several factors figure to make it tricky to get people who are newly eligible for CalFresh to actually collect that benefit.

Online sign-ups have already started. And face-to-face outreach — offering older adults help in filling out the paperwork — is expected to begin next month at some senior centers, apartment complexes, food banks and other places that serve older. Los Angeles County has the most potential SSI recipients, with aboutpeople estimated to be eligible for CalFresh benefits, based on conservative September figures in a state report. Potential beneficiaries elsewhere in Southern California:.

In 10 counties around the state, the electronic benefit transfer cards also can be used to buy prepared meals at some food establishments in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, among others.

For those who fear a loss in their SSI income if they start getting CalFresh benefits, the California Department of Social Services issued a reassurance earlier this month. The growing prevalence of food insecurity — lack of access to a sufficient amount of affordable and nutritious food — worries people who work with senior citizens.

A report on troubling issues facing older adults released last month by a countywide initiative called the Orange County Strategic Plan for Aging cited the findings of a California Health Interview Survey that found nearly one-third of low-income adults in Orange County were food insecure.

But according to the report, less than 3 percent of those older adults were enrolled in CalFresh. Who is missing out? So he relies on the senior center for help with food. A concerted effort has been underway in Orange County to expand food resources to older adults. Many have no easy transportation. Last summer, a half-dozen nonprofits formed the Orange County CalFresh Collaborative to streamline the application process for seniors and direct them to one place, OC, to call for information.

That group is ready to engage in expanded outreach to SSI recipients. Walk in: Visit a local CalFresh office. Locations can be found on an interactive map at CalFreshFood. By Theresa Walker thwalker scng.

More in News. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Please check for office closures, limited hours or changes in service. Official information about Shasta County's coronavirus response is at ShastaReady. An interview is required before certifying your household to get CalFresh benefits. The interview is normally conducted as a phone interview; however, you may request to have the interview in one of the county welfare offices or through a home visit.

The interview may be held with the head of household, a spouse, an authorized representative or any other responsible household member. To continue receiving CalFresh benefits, an interview must be held each year. During the interview, a worker will discuss the information provided on the CalFresh application. The worker will also explain program rules, ask for information that may be missing from the application and request any proof of information that may be needed.

After the interview, the worker will use the information provided for the household to determine eligibility to CalFresh benefits. The County will then mail a notice of action to the mailing address provided on the application.

The notice will explain the households eligibility to CalFresh and if eligible, the amount of benefits being issued. If the household is not eligible, the notice will explain why. After the CalFresh interview, the worker will ask for proof of information using a Request for Verification.

The request will list each item being requested, the date the proof is needed, and examples of alternative types of proof that may be acceptable.

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Below is a list of verification that may be requested by the worker:. If the household needs help obtaining any requested verification, the County can provide assistance or help with paying any fees related to obtaining verification from a third party. Using the information reported on the CalFresh application, the worker will determine the households eligibility to expedited services. Households qualify for an expedited interview if they are experiencing one of the factors below:.

If the household qualifies for expedited services, an interview will be completed within three calendar days from the date the application is provided to the county. The household must provide proof of identification and complete the interview prior to receiving CalFresh benefits. If eligible, the household will receive one or two months of CalFresh benefits. To receive ongoing CalFresh benefits, the household will need to provide any other needed verifications requested by the worker after the interview.

Suicide help: TALK. Report Communicable Disease. Details vary per department. JavaScript is required. How do I? Interview An interview is required before certifying your household to get CalFresh benefits.

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Verification After the CalFresh interview, the worker will ask for proof of information using a Request for Verification. Expedited Service Using the information reported on the CalFresh application, the worker will determine the households eligibility to expedited services. Need Help Fast?

Newsletter Signup Sign up for our Email Newsletter.The purpose of the food stamp interview is to verify your eligibility for the program. Most of the questions on the application will be asked again during the interview.

This serves as an opportunity for the interviewer to get answers to questions you may have failed to answer on the application, clarify any issues or inconsistencies raised by your application, and review the validity of your identification and support documentation. The location of your food stamp interview depends on your state, as procedures can vary between each. For example, in California, a food stamp interview is required to receive benefits, however, the interviewer can elect to hold it in person or over the phone.

Several states, such as Pennsylvania, make it possible to upload verification documents online, and some also accept documents by fax. Sending documents this way can often eliminate the need for an in-person interview. Depending on your state, it may even eliminate the need for an interview altogether if both your application and supporting documents check out. During part of the interview, usually at the beginning, the interviewer will ask for proof of the personal details provided on your application.

You will be asked to verify your legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, date of birth, citizenship status and address. Documents routinely accepted for these purposes include the following: passport, driver's license or identification card, Social Security card, birth certificate, military identification card, lease or mortgage agreement, voter registration card, permanent resident card, also known as a green card and utility bills.

Be prepared to answer questions related to your personal details, such as how long you have lived at your current residence. The interviewer will inquire about your income during the interview. To prepare, gather your recent paycheck stubs and bank statements. Aim to have at least three months' worth and make sure your documentation is from the months immediately prior to the interview.

Also collect your most recent income tax return. If your income includes other sources, such as child or spousal support, retirement income or Social Security payments, gather proof of this as well. Familiarize yourself with the content. Know what your monthly income is and where it comes from, as well as the total amount you've earned over the past year.

The interviewer will ask you about this and look at your documentation to verify the information provided. A portion of the interview will be devoted to uncovering your financial assets. The interviewer will want to know if you have resources at your disposal that can be used for the purchase of food. This is because food stamps are reserved for people with little to no income. The interviewer will ask if you have bank accounts, retirement funds and stocks, and what the balance in those accounts are.

Don't try to guess at this information because the interviewer can, and likely will, check your answers against government databases. Review your account statements so you can readily provide this information and bring the most recent ones with you to the interview.

To get a good idea of the money you have left over for groceries and other personal needs, the interviewer will ask about your monthly expenses and debts. Gather your recent billing statements for such things as utilities, rent or mortgage, and phone service.

Payment receipts are also helpful.

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Make note of the money you regularly spend on everyday expenses like gasoline, medication, clothing and food. If you have children, include the money you spend on their needs, such as school supplies and daycare. Also gather information about your debts, such as credit cards and student loans. If you are not meeting your obligations, know why and how much you are coming up short. The interviewer will confirm your answers with the documents you provide.

Money Budget. Show Comments.The CalFresh interview serves two main purposes. One purpose is to acquaint the applicant with the program, to answer questions that applicant may have, and to inform applicants of their rights and responsibilities. Interviews are conducted at application and recertification.

Counties also have existing non-waiver authority to allow households to do a telephone interview without a scheduled appointment by calling into the county. The interview can be done with the head of the household, their spouse, any responsible member of the household, or an authorized representative. Applicants are allowed to bring anyone they want to the interview. Interviews are routinely done by telephone for both applications and recertifications. Counties can do face-to-face interviews if necessary.

However, if a face-to-face interview would be a hardship, the interview must be done by telephone or at a home visit. Counties must inform applicants that they can have a face-to-face interview and must provide a face-to-face interview if that is requested. The place where the interview occurs must be adequate to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of the interview. County case workers have a responsibility to make the applicant feel at ease in the interview.

The case worker should help applicants through the rest of the application process. If the applicant has not filled out all of the CalFresh application, California requires the case worker to help the household complete the application.

Even before eligibility is determined, case workers must discuss with applicants their program responsibilities and requirements including the reporting requirements. This helps ensure that the applicant knows what is expected of her, if determined eligible.

During the interview the worker will ask for proof about some things on the application. The Food and Nutrition Act requires the CalFresh office, at the time of application, to give the household a list of things it must do to determine eligibility. The list should be things applicants must prove with documentation. For example: Citizenship could be proved by a birth certificate, baptismal record, and so on.

The county cannot request a specific type of verification, nor can it require an applicant to successfully get the proof.

The county request must state that the county can help obtain verification, and may be able to pay fees related to getting the requested documentation.

Simply put, the CalFresh office cannot require applicants to succeed in getting all the information, so long as the applicant can show proof of trying all reasonable efforts to get it. Households must be given at least 10 days from the date of the request to provide required verification. Applicants and recipients must cooperate in establishing eligibility in order to receive benefits. The county must work out a time with the applicant for the visit before a worker comes, however it does not have to tell applicants the exact time of day of the visit.

Applicants do not have to let workers visit their home, but this could lead to a denial of benefits. If applicants miss their first interview, the CalFresh office must try to help set up another interview.

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The county must notify each household that misses its interview appointment that it missed the scheduled interview. The household is responsible for rescheduling a missed interview. If the initial interview is missed, it is imperative for the applicant to contact the county.

If contacted within the day application window, the county must schedule a second interview within this day period. The county cannot deny benefits within 30 days of submitting an application due to a missed first interview. However, an applicant can call the CalFresh office to request an additional interview, but only if the office has not yet issued a denial. Once the CalFresh office has issued a denial, the applicant is permitted to start the application process again. If there has not been a request for a second interview, the household can request the interview within 30 days period.CalFresh Healthy Living.

What is the CalFresh Program? The program issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used to buy most foods at many markets and food stores. The amount of the benefit is based on the size of your household, your income, and your housing expenses. CalFresh benefits come on a plastic card, called the Golden State Advantage Card, which you can use just like a bank card at most food stores. How do I apply for CalFresh? You can apply for CalFresh by completing an online application.

You can also apply by going to the local county office during business hours. What can I buy with my CalFresh Benefits?

The interview process

You can buy food as well as plants and seeds to grow food. You will not be charged sales tax on items you buy with CalFresh. You cannot buy pet food, vitamins, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, paper products, fast food or food that will be eaten in the store. Contact your county representative for details. Is there a limit on the number of people I can apply for? No, there is no limit to the number of people you can apply for; however, the people you can apply for must live in your home and buy and eat meals with you in the home.

If you have children less than 22 years of age living with you in the home, you must apply for them and their family, if any, even if they buy and eat meals separately from your family.

How long does it take to get CalFresh? The county has up to 30 days to approve or deny your application. If you need food before 30 days you may be eligible for Expedited Services. Report My Changes Currently, most households have to report their income and living situation every three months, as well as certain other changes immediately. Later this year, most households will switch to reporting their income and living situation every six months.

The County will explain your reporting responsibilities. Renew Benefits Most households must complete a phone or face-to-face interview once a year to determine continued eligibility.

The purpose of the interview is to report changes of address, family size, school attendance, employment, income, property, and expenses.

Is there an income limit? Yes, the income limit is based on the number of people you are applying. The questions in the application will help the county figure out if you are eligible.